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Labor-Saving Arm

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 Labor-Saving Arm – A Professional Tool for All.


Convenient and labor saving arm : The labor saving arm is easy to operate. When lifting an object, hold the base with one hand and press the handle with the other hand to operate. If you want to lower the height, just gently press the lock tab to the desired height. After letting go, it will continue to remain stable and fixed. One person can complete a simple home improvement adjustment. Is your good helper!



Wide use : Labor saving arm is suitable for the adjustment of household furniture, door panels, windows, gypsum boards, etc., and can also be used to maintain the balance of objects and prevent objects from falling.



Another great feature of The Labor-Saving Arm is that it reduces the number of hands needed for certain types of installation work.



This tool is designed to be handheld and easy to use. It has a comfortable handle for easy handling and portability. Manual jack allows lifting capacity up to 330 lbs/150 kg, 0-6.7 inches/17 cm height adjustment. This means it can be carried around and help you save money on hiring helpers.


Minimum Height 100 Millimeters
Material : Stainless Steel
Load Capacity : 150 kg
Item Weight : 2.65 lbs
Package Dimensions : 10.75 x 8.39 x 3.31 inches

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