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The Fly Orb Hover Ball

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The Hoverball is the toy of the year!  Toss it up and watch it fly before hovering back to your hand like magic!

Features :

  • Cool lighting effects : Flying Orb Ball comes with cool RGB lighting, which can achieve different flight lines and boomerang effects through different throwing methods.
  • Drop-resistant and durable : Flying Ball has been rigorously tested and made of high-quality materials, soft and durable, drop-resistant and lightweight.
  • Multi-scene uses  : Hover Ball can be used indoors and outdoors, it is a good toy for all kinds of parties and events.


Idea Gifts Boomerang Ball is a cool toy, suitable for  old boys and girls or even adults as their birthday gifts.
Durable and aerodynamic design means the possibilities are endless and is safe and reliable enough for the entire home.

The Fly Orb Hover Ball is a very unique toy , and has gone viral on all platforms .



Fast charging : Means you can play faster and longer!



Magic Wand Function

One wand can only match one ball. The magic wand can change the color of the LED light by swiping or pressing the button. Swing the magic wand, you can control the ball to fly higher.




  • Dimensions : 9.5×9.5 x9.5cm
  • Max Flights Height : 49ft
  • Weight : 156g , 253g

Package Content:

  • 1× Ball
  • 1× USB Power Cord
  • 1x Instruction Guide With original box